Dementia Care: Redefined

Bright Moments is a program of care specifically designed for patients with end-stage dementia (ESD). It is based on the belief that more can be done for and with dementia & Alzheimer’s patients to generate positive outcomes. Knowing that family members and caregivers often struggle with the challenges of late-stage dementia, we created Bright Moments – an innovative approach designed to support patients, family, staff, and physicians. Bright Moments provides increased quality care with specialized interventions that comfort and support.

The Bright Moments program is an innovative & non-pharmacological approach supported by research, which shows these types of therapy methods to be more beneficial than traditional methods of medication interventions.

Please read a research study here, reviewing over 19,000 studies.

We believe that more can be done to give Light to Life for those struggling with dementia.

We have the honor to provide additional methods of individualized care, comfort and support for the patient, their families, caregivers and loved ones through this Bristol Hospice program.

Bright Moments – Points of Light Kit:

  • Music Device and Headphones — Loaded with patient specific music favorites.
  • Weighted Blanket Clinical studies have shown that this produces comfort when managing agitated or unsettled behavior. Simulates the feeling of a hug.
  • Chart A Life — to capture special moments and preserve patient memories.
  • Snoozelin lamp with Sensory Care Kit
  • Memory-enhancing aroma therapies
  • Therapeutic Companion Bear
  • Specialized Utensils
  • Specialized Care Products

Our Bright Moments team joins with other caregivers to plan and implement a comfortable and calming experience for patients, families and caregivers. We are known as “The Place of the Bridge”, and it is our privilege to walk this bridge in life with you, “Embracing a Reverence for Life”.